Massage Benefits At Cascade Medspa

There are many health benefits of massage therapy. Not just physical but mental as well! Cascade Medspa offers four core massage therapy styles to choose from depending on your desired outcome.

Massages help reduce anxiety, increase sleep quality and can even boost your immune system. What most people don’t know is that in addition to the muscle release and flexibility stretch our techs provide, during a session your parasympathetic (or calming) response is increased which results in a decrease in anxiety. When participating in frequent sessions, your nervous system continues to slow itself down because of the pressure applied. This is when you will start to see results in your overall brain health including sleep and immune structures!

Certainly the physical benefits of massages include muscle tension and pain release, however are not exclusive. Even just one session can help reduce pain of osteoarthritis, decrease arthritis pain, relieve chronic neck pain and even lower blood pressure. The advantages are endless!

Checkout the body procedures we offer on our website where you can get more detailed information on each massage style or call the office to schedule your appointment with our amazing Massage Therapist! 218-454-9999


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