Micro Needling with PRP and Injections

(Please see Micro Needling with PRP)

Micro needling with PRP basically allows the PRP to penetrate superficially through the epidermis where the tiny punctures have been created.  this is typically only 1-2 millimeters deep.  Injections, however place the PRP deep where the places often need it the most.  In this area, the dermis, where many of the issues being treated are located can be directly addressed.  That way the skin is “hit” from all angles, meaning superficially and then deep.  This treatment is recommended for clients who would like advanced treatment with fine lines and wrinkles or who have scarring.

Understanding the procedure

Apart from the injections, the procedure is the same as micro needling with PRP.  During your procedure, an team member from Dr Waters staff will come in to inject PRP in the areas of concern that the client has discussed with the esthetician prior to treatment.

What to expect after the treatment

In addition to the expectations of treatment of micro needling with PRP, clients may notice bruising at injection site(s).