What It’s Really Like to Get Microneedling With PRP

I became a new mama two years ago. Motherhood has been an absolute blessing but the transition definitely had me noticing that I’m not in my 20’s anymore and my skin was showing it. I’ve always used medical-grade skincare (iS Clinical®, SkinMedica® and LOTS of SPF) to maintain the health of my skin, but lately I was feeling like I just needed a little something extra. So I did what any lady would do in the Brainerd Lakes Area and called Cascade MedSpa and Laser Centre. After telling them about my skin concerns (i.e. larger pores, fine lines and just an overall dullness to my skin) they immediately suggested Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which they also mentioned has minimal to no downtime. After they explained the process to me, I immediately said, “SIGN ME UP!” and scheduled my appointment.

The Treatment

If you’ve ever had a treatment at Cascade then you know they always strive for a top-notch experience for all of their clients. My esthetician, Maggie, led me to her treatment room of zen. I’m not going to lie, I was feeling a little nervous, but as soon as I was lying down on the cozy treatment bed my nerves began to calm.

Maggie and I then went into a deeper consultation regarding the treatment. She told me about the process, informed me of any discomfort that I may feel, what my aftercare would consist of, and the results that can be expected. She also asked me if I had any questions. My nervousness turned to major excitement!

To begin, Maggie did a glorious hot towel cleanse on my face to remove my makeup. Once my face was dry, she applied a topical numbing cream to my entire face, of course avoiding my eye area. I know you’re totally wondering “but why numbing cream?!” Keep reading and you’ll see why! She informed me the numbing cream would take about 15 to 20 minutes to take effect.

This is where it gets real interesting folks!

While I was waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, a very sweet nurse came into the room and drew my blood. Yes that’s right, drew my blood! That’s step one. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Step 1

The nurse draws a small amount of blood. She then spins the blood using a very advanced piece of equipment in order to extract the PRP without damaging it (PRP is made up of very delicate cells that have major super powers including highly concentrated amounts of natural growth factors and other cytokines that promote the regeneration process of soft tissues). This is KEY to gaining the best results possible from this treatment.

Step 2

A small pen-like device with tiny needles is used to create very tiny holes in my skin (this can be a little uncomfortable, hence the numbing cream). Not only does this action send a signal to my body to create new skin cells, produce collagen, and promote healthy skin growth, but it also creates a pathway for PRP to absorb deep into the skin and work its amazing anti-aging magic! By the way, PRP is created naturally within your body, so its 100% organic. Right up this health-conscious mama’s alley!

PRP Microneedle1. Maggie applying numbing cream 2. The Microneedle has begun 3. The PRP being applied

Step 3

Maggie started performing the microneedling on my forehead and worked her way down my face in sections. After each section she would apply the PRP. Did it hurt? Honestly, I have a very LOW pain tolerance and it was completely bearable — I didn’t cry once! Plus Maggie is SO gentle and sweet that she was constantly checking in on me. I would rate the pain at a 2 out of 10. So yes, virtually painless.


Once Maggie was done performing the treatment, she reminded me of my aftercare which included not washing my face until the next morning, avoiding the sun for the next week, wearing a medical grade SPF to protect my skin just in case, and avoiding makeup for three days. Really just let my skin breathe.

  1. Close up of my skin immediately after the treatment 2. Another view of my skin immediately after 3. Maggie and I hugging after my treatment

After a big hug with Maggie and a quick purchase of some Elta MD sunscreen to protect my skin, I was on my way. My skin was pink and felt a bit tingly up until bedtime. I woke up the next morning with my skin feeling very tight. I did a nice cleanse with iS Clinical cleanser, applied TNS Essential Serum and my Elta MD SPF. It looked a tiny bit dry and pink up close but I doubt anyone other than me could notice. This continued to improve over the next few days.

By day seven I could notice a HUGE improvement in my skin’s overall texture (smaller pore size and my complexion looked so much more even). My skin was feeling amazing!

By 30 days out I was REALLY seeing the improvement. My skin just looked bright!

The awesome thing about this treatment is the results get better over time. The PRP really helps to regenerate your skin.

1. The next after the treatment 2. Day 3 after the treatment ( I do have a light dusting of Jane Iredale Powder on)

The Final Verdict

I would 100% plan on doing this treatment again in 6 months. In my case, my skin is healthy enough to only need it that often, however Maggie told me that people with more damaged skin would benefit from doing a monthly series of 3-6 treatments depending on their goals.

My skin is brighter, my complexion is more even, and I also noticed a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes. I am now able to focus less on dull skin and fine lines and more on my darling baby girl. I call that a MAJOR win!

If you’re interested in the treatment, I highly encourage you to set up a free consultation at Cascade to learn if this is the right treatment for you. Plus if you mention you read this blog post you’ll receive $100 off your first treatment!

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