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Are Chemical Peels Safe?

Feb 13, 2024
 Are Chemical Peels Safe?
Chemical peels re-surface the skin leaving it clearer, brighter, and with a more youthful appearance. Read on to learn more about the different types and the procedure's safety profile (hint: they've been done for over 50 years).

Various factors can affect our skin including exposure to the sun, genetics, and smoking. The good news is the resulting wrinkles, blemishes, and more can be treated safely and effectively with a chemical peel.

 At Cascade MedSpa & Laser Centre in Baxter, Minnesota, our top-notch team couples FDA-approved products and devices including chemical peels with our many years of experience to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels — also known as chemexfoliation or derma peeling — use a specially designed solution applied to the skin to remove the outer layers. The skin that grows back underneath is clearer, brighter, and smoother, resulting in a refreshed appearance. Peels can be performed on the face, neck, or hands.

Skin issues

Chemical peels can aid in reducing signs of aging and skin imperfections. Examples include fine lines such as those under the eyes and around the mouth. Some kinds of acne, mild scars, and scaly patches can also be improved. Issues that make the skin appear uneven, such as sun, age, liver spots, and freckles can be lessened.


Chemical peels are divided into three categories depending on their depth.

Light chemical peels

Light chemical peels are superficial and remove the outer layer of skin. This variation treats fine wrinkles, acne, and uneven skin tone.

Medium chemical peels

This middle-ground chemical peel similarly addresses wrinkles and acne scars and helps even out skin tone but goes deeper into the upper section of the middle layer of the skin.

Deep chemical peels

A deep chemical peel may be needed for deeper wrinkles, scars, or precancerous growths. Unlike light and medium chemical peels which may be repeated, this treatment is done only once.


Chemical peels have been performed for over 50 years and have a strong safety record. However, ensuring your treatment team has training and expertise is important for the best possible outcome.

 Following the post-procedure instructions carefully is important to avoid side effects or complications. This can include avoiding the sun and properly caring for the wound. Scratching the treated skin and applying makeup before the skin is fully healed should be avoided to prevent problems.

The procedure

The process begins with a review of your medical history, a physical exam, and a discussion of your expectations. Next, we create a personalized treatment plan including which type of chemical peel will best meet your goals. Recovery time depends on the procedure.

 If you find yourself wishing for smoother, younger-looking skin when you look in the mirror, a chemical peel may be able to help. Call our office at 218-454-9999 or click here to book an appointment today to learn more.